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The Heart of Grief is filled with personal stories of journeys in grief toward lasting love for a family member, companion, or friend. Stories of love disrupted but not ended by death. Stories of learning to carry the hurt of missing loved ones, cherishing the gifts they have left us, finding hope, and saying yes to life.

Many of you who visit this website have lived such stories. Surely they are among the most precious stories you hold within you. Why not commit your stories to writing? Make them your own. Prevent their fading away. Explore their meanings. Deepen your appreciation of those you remember in them. Return to them often to find the comfort, solace, delight, and inspiration they contain. Share them with others to enrich your family and community lives. (Click here for ideas about writing your story.)

Please share a story on this website about how you have found lasting love through grieving. Tell us what it has been like to

  • know and love an irreplaceable someone who has died
  • reach through the pain of separation
  • reclaim meanings not cancelled by death
  • embrace and use legacies left to you.

Offer your story as a tribute to that someone; to the good you found in life together. Affirm your lasting love. And encourage others on their journeys in grief. (Click here for information about submitting your story.)

Whether or not you share a story here, why not return to this website regularly (and invite family and friends to do the same)? Encourage others to send in their stories. Read the stories that visitors tell. Honor the story-tellers and those they remember. Learn from their stories about the possibilities and value of lasting love. Or find support on your own journey in grief.

New stories will be posted on this page each month, and previously posted stories will be archived on the site. When enough stories come in, Dr. Attig will seek authors' permission to include them in a collection and seek to publish them.

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