Table of Contents for How We Grieve: Relearning the World

Chapter 1 - Stories of Grieving: Listening and Responding

  • Martin and Louise
  • Jennifer
  • Bill, Diane and Margaret
  • Ed, Elise, and David
  • Kathryn
  • Colleen
  • Stories Are the Heart of the Matter: The Point of Thinking about Grieving
  • Why Do Persons Look to Books on Grieving?
  • They Seek General Understanding
  • They Seek Respect for Individuality
  • They Seek Ways to Deal with Helplessness in Grieving
  • They Seek Guidance for Caregivers

Chapter 2 - Grieving Is Active: We Need Not Be Helpless

  • The Story of Martin and Louise
  • Jennifer's Story
  • Bereavement Is Choiceless, but Grieving Is Not
  • Grief Is an Emotion, Grieving a Coping Process
  • Some Say We Grieve in Stages or Phases
  • Some Describe Our Grieving in Medical Terms
  • Is It Helpful to Talk of Stages, Phases and Medical Analogies?
  • Some Say that as We Grieve We Address Tasks
  • A Task-Based, Active View
  • Some Choices We All Have as We Grieve
  • Grieving Is Active: A Summary

Chapter 3 - Respecting Individuals When They Grieve

  • The Story of Bill and Diane
  • Respecting Individual Flourishing
  • Respecting Individual Vulnerabilities
  • Acting Respectfully Once We Understand Individual
  • Flourishing and Vulnerability
  • What Our Self-Respect Requires

Chapter 4 - Relearning the World: How We Grieve

  • The Story of Ed and Elise
  • How We Relearn Our Worlds
  • The Worlds We Relearn
  • We Relearn Our Physical Surroundings
  • We Relearn Our Relationships with Fellow Survivors
  • We Relearn Our Selves
  • We Relearn Our Places in Space and Time
  • The Power of the Relearning Idea

Chapter 5 - Relearning Our Selves: Grief and Personal Integrity

  • David's Story
  • Margaret's Story
  • How Are We to Understand Ourselves in Loss and Grief?
  • An Image of How We Become the Selves We Are
  • Our Selves in Loss and Grief: Elaborating the Image
  • As We Cope, We Engage with and Move beyond Suffering
  • We Struggle to Put Our Shattered Lives Back Together
  • We Seek New Ways to Complete Our Life Stories
  • We Become Whole Again as Parts of Larger Wholes
  • Together We Reshape Our Families and Communities
  • Advantages of This Idea of Relearning Our Selves

Chapter 6 - Relearning Our Relationships with the Deceased: Grief, Love and Separation

  • Kathryn's Story
  • Colleen's Story
  • What We Lose, and What We Do Not Lose, When Someone Dies
  • Let Go We Must, but Not Entirely
  • We Continue to Love and Cherish the Stories of Lives Now Ended
  • We Still Care About What Those Who Died Cared About.
  • Advantages of This Idea of Relearning Our Relationships with the Deceased


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