Share Stories from the Heart of Your Grief

Many of you have stories to tell of journeys in grief toward lasting love for a family member, companion, or friend. Surely these are among the most precious stories you hold within you.

Please share a story (under 2000 words please) on this web site about finding lasting love through grieving. Tell what it has been like to

  • know and love an irreplaceable someone who has died
  • reach through the pain of separation
  • reclaim meanings not cancelled by death
  • embrace and use legacies left to you.

New stories will be posted shortly after they come in, and previously posted stories will be archived.

Tell your own story. Learn from and find inspiration in others' stories. Honor the story-tellers and those they remember. Visit the site often. Encourage your friends and family members, clients, or students to do the same.

You can submit your story (with a title please) by sending it as a Word document attachment to Tom at his email address: [email protected]

In your email message please

  • indicate that you agree to the Conditions of Participation
  • provide your name and location
  • indicate what, if any, identifying information you would like included with your story